Representative Sam Kong joined the Aiea Pearl City Business Association 25 years ago when he became a member of the business community as the owner/operator of Aiea Florist. As such he became a founding member of the Aiea Pearl City Graffiti Busters. This was the beginning of his role in volunteerism in Aiea. As a Graffiti Buster Representative Kong is currently a member of the Mana-Loa Lions Club. He can be found every Saturday morning painting over graffiti, landscaping, pulling weeds, picking up trash and doing other projects that improve the community. Representative Kong’s commitment to volunteerism dates more than 25 years and continues through today.

Representative Kong’s sense of volunteerism extends to his support of members of the community. He is known to drive senior citizens to/from their errands and physician appointments and to drive homeless individuals to church; as a cab driver these routes are provided at no charge. When he was the owner/operator of Aiea Florist he allowed homeless individuals to spend the night in his florist. Representative Kong’s sense of community and volunteerism is not a campaign issue, it is who he is.