When educators developed School community-based management (SCBM) 20 years ago, Representative Sam Kong became Gus Webling Elementary School's Community Representative; he has been there ever since. Upon being elected as state Representative, he could no longer officially be the community representative, but still attends meetings though he does not have voting rights.

Representative Kong stays connected with curriculum development, operations and facility maintenance and also assists the school as it transitions through different administrations.Representative Kong has two children that have gone through the Aiea school system from elementary through high school; his younger daughter recently graduated from Aiea High School. As a parent Representative Kong knows how important it is to be involved with your keiki’s education. He recently met with Aiea High School’s new principal to understand how he can best support the high school. Representative Kong is leading the Drag Racing Against Gangs and Graffiti (DRAGG) program at Aiea High School (AHS), a collaborative project between AHS, Local Law Enforcement, and world class race drivers to support the school’s auto shop program and increase participation by at risk youth.

Representative Kong believe hawaii’s keiki deserve a high quality education provided by engaged, empowered teaches. He is currently Vice Chair of the House Education Committee and hopes to advocate for students, teachers and administration through his role on this pivotal committee. He is committed to providing both high quality educational opportunities to Hawaii’s keiki and supporting Hawaii’s teachers.

Funds allocated to Aiea area schools under Representative Kong’s tenure:

CIPS 2017-2018

Pearl Ridge Elementary School

Design and construction for central courtyard improvements; ground and site improvements.

Total Funding: $135,900

Webling Elementary School

To finance construction for new playground equipment and site improvements.

Total Funding: $125,000

Aiea Intermediate School

Design and construction for improvements to the cafeteria stage.

Total Funding: $450,000

Design, construction, and equipment for an applied technology center.

Total Funding: $3,200,000

Construction and equipment to complete cafeteria renovation; ground and site improvements; equipment and appurtenances.

Total Funding: $550,000

Aiea High School

Design, construction, and equipment for a new building, and renovation and expansion for a girls’ athletic locker room, weight training facility, and other athletic facilities; ground and site improvements; equipment and appurtenances.

Total Funding: $3,900,000